Cybertron Pc Striker Ii GM2233A Desktop (black)

Cybertron Pc Striker Ii GM2233A Desktop

0844750020228 is the bar code for this cybertron pc. The cybertron computer comes in black. It's 18.3"H x 19.3"L x 7.5"W and has got a weight of 27 lbs. The computer comes with a warranty of 1 year parts and labor from the manufacturer. cybertron pc striker ii gm2233a desktop . For additional details on this computer, check out the market add to cart button on this page.


Model: GM2233A
UPS: 844750020228
Color: black
Package Quantity: 1

Cybertron Computer Striker II TGM2233A Gaming PC - Go on strike against slow gaming with the Striker II from Cybertron Computer! 0GHz, and you can also enjoy the game-pushing energy of its 4. Allows software installation, access to data on various media, backups of your critical files and movie playback Monitor and control multiple temperatures and fan speeds, to maintain things quiet and cool. Get the gaming system you deserve, order your Striker II now! Key Features: AMD FX-8350 4. 0GHz 8-Core Processor, Max. Delivers massive storage and workspace for your games, movies, music and also other vital parts of your digital worlds. Turbo Speed of 4. 2GHz turbo speed. Designed to deliver an amazing and solid gameplay experience, the Striker II comes ready to support you dominate your gaming worlds. Delivers smooth frame rates even during intense gaming. 10/100/1000 Gigabit Network Controller. Key Benefits: Provides raw processing speed and power capable of handling your most intensive games. Provides a stable and reliable environment for your all your computing demands. Helping drive game performance, the Striker II has 16GB of Major Brand DDR3 Gaming Memory and DUAL 2GB NVIDIA Ge Force GTX650 Ti Boost Video Cards configured in SLI. Lets you take advantage of network connections whether at home, a LAN party or elsewhere. By allowing you to monitor and control as significantly as 5 sets of fan speeds individually, the Striker II tends to make it easy to run your system in that sweet spot of cool and quiet. The base speed can be a mind-blowing 4. More cool functions are an SSD boot drive and stylish fan controller featuring"Touch"LCD technology. The heart of this method is an AMD FX 8-Core processor. 2GHz 16GB Fast DDR3 Major Brand Gaming Memory, 120GB Boot SSD and 1TB Hard Disk Drive Pre-loaded with Genuine Windows 8 64 Bit O/S2x2GB NVIDIA Ge Force GTX650 Ti Boost Video Cards in SLI DVDRW Optical Burner Drive LCD Fan Control Panel Integrated.


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